Sometimes developers just want to scratch an itch

They're not always looking to make a million dollars. They're not always looking to make one dollar. Sometimes they do something just because it's fun. Maybe they're irked by the ergonomics of a particular tool and they want something that gels better with their workflow, maybe they're looking for a challenge, or maybe they're just bored. Who knows?

The point is that sometimes developers write a tool just for themselves and they release it as open source in case others find it useful. They're not necessarily looking to support every use-case under the sun, they don't want to manage a community, and they don't want to deal with the politics of open source. They just want to scratch their own itch. If they end up helping others by making the tool public, great! If not, they are perfectly within their rights to consider the software “done” and just stop working on it.

Odds are that whoever directed you to this page identifies with the above. Please keep that in mind while interacting with them.

If the developer isn't responding and you're dying for that feature or this bug is a show-stopper, fork the project! That's what open source licenses are for! 🙂

As the OpenBSD folks say, “put up or hack up”.

The Badge

Because every project needs one (or more):

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